About Cha teas

You deserve only nature's best.

Our teas are sourced from independent estates growing organic tea with environmentally sustainable practices, conserving bio-diversity with social responsibility and providing opportunity for all involved in the growing and processing of this wonderful gift of Mother Nature. All our flavoured teas use natural flavouring, giving the intrinsic essence and goodness of the product. The teas are blended to provide natural restorative and wellness elements to enhance your lifestyle, be it beauty or wellness. Created and developed in the Nordics using the finest Organic teas from India, to the reflect the characteristics and elements of the region. Wellness, respect for nature, fresh, organic, dynamic.

Our Cha teas are certified by Rain Forest Alliance which endorses the teas as environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

As of January 2015 Cha Pure Black Tea in Envelopes is the first Tea in the world to be certified CO2 neutral. The certification is issued by Soil and More in The Netherlands.