You only deserve the best of nature

Well-being, Respect for Nature, Fresh, Organic, Dynamic - Created and developed in the Nordic countries using India's finest organic teas, our tea is sourced from independent mansions that grow organic tea with environmentally friendly practices. All our flavored teas use natural flavourings and are mixed to provide natural restorative and wellness elements. With our roads, we pay attention to the preservation of biodiversity with social responsibility. Enjoy Mother Nature's wonderful gift in a cup of nutritious tea! .

All our teas are hand-picked - organically grown from individual mansions on the slopes of the Himalayas - nilgiris Flavored varieties are all Real Teas, which has naturally extracted flavors in pure form.

Cha Tea´s are 100% clean of the roads of one of the manors, hand-selected from the slopes of the Himalayas and Nilgiris. The goodness of organically grown tea harvested in a sustainable environment with social responsibility is not at risk.

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