You Deserve Only Nature's Best

Organic = "Free from Pesticides and Artificial chemicals and additives" There are set standards that carry the label “Organic”. However no standards exist for labeling a product “natural”. “Natural” is defined as “existing or caused by nature” whilst “Organic” is defined as “Of relating to or derived from living matter” All our teas are Organic in composition through process and certified by the regulatory authorities in the EU and USA. Tea is a natural occurring plant. From harvesting to packing it undergoes a natural fermentation without any additives. Organically grown tea does not use synthetic or chemical fertilizers, as per the stringent rules that govern the classification of a product to be called “Organic”. In neither case are the teas “synthesized”, thus preserving intrinsic natural flavours and characteristics.

All our teas are hand picked & organically grown from single estates on the slopes of the Himalayas & Nilgiris Flavoured varietals are all Real Teas with naturally extracted flavours in pure form.

Cha Teas are 100% pure single estate teas, handpicked from the slopes of the Himalayas and Nilgiris. Organically grown and harvested in a sustainable environment with social responsibility, the goodness of tea is not compromised.

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