Frequently asked questions

Type of teas and frequently asked questions

Slightly oxidized. It is characterized by fine silver white hairs on unopened buds of the tea plant. Mainly grown and harvested from Fujian Province in China.
Twisted and oxidised and allowed to turn yellow. It is characterized by a yellow color.
Twisted and oxidised. Quickly becoming a chosen path thanks to your health.
Wilted, bruised and partially oxidized. It is characterized by rolling in long curly leaves. Chinese special route.
Wilted & Fully oxidized - The most popular tea.
6Why is cha tea unique?
Organic Tea with natural flavours. We source our teas from specific tea estates which are Organic certified and have Rain Forest Alliance certificates (Ethical and sustainable), all flavours are natural and all our herbal teas are made from 100% organic ingredients (flora, herbs, fruits). The mixture of flavours is balanced, to get the intrinsic characteristic and goodness of the flavours and the tea's harmony. The packaging is sustainable and keeps the tea quality.
7Why is Cha designed in the Nordic countries?
For the Nordic palate and also seeing to the environment and climatic composition of the region. The design is clean with a clear message.
8What are the benefits of drinking Cha tea?
Tea is good for the body and soul. Cha teas make you calm and invigorate, they have characteristics that aid wellness and beauty and above all the tea is tasty and satisfying to drink.
9 In which stores people can find Cha products?
Selver, Prisma, A1000, Kaubamaja, Stockman, COOP, Maxima, Aldar, Online shops (Aster, kaup24, from our web site)
10What is the difference between drinking loose leaf tea or envelopes tea?
Diffrent brewing methods gives different characteristics. Generally a shorter brew of tea bags gives an enhanced flavour and depth, Loose leaf teas give a more subtle and wider spectrum of the tea character and flavour.
11Do you have Cha merch? Can people also buy these?
Currently only mugs, yes they can be bought from our tea shop.