Darjeeling Green

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Darjeeling Green Tea – Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (FTGFOP).
Located at 4500 ft above sea level, the teas are unique in taste and flavour and cannot be compared to any teas produced in the world.
Darjeeling Green Tea is treasured for its rich golden liquor and distinctive muscatel flavour. Bright and aromatic with a mild body and balanced astringency.
Darjeeling is a very delicate product and should be brewed with care. Carefully place a teaspoon of the leaves in a cup of just boiling water and allow to infuse for not more than three to four minutes as over brewing will damage the delicate character.
All Cha teas are single estate teas grown with the best organic practices with an eye to protecting nature and growing bio-diversity in a sustainable environment with social responsibility.
Certified Organic by NOP (USA), Lacon (EU).